I'm Ashish Handa

UX designer with over 9 years of experience.

Currently designing digital solutions for Biopharma at Cytiva Lifesciences.

Previously designed healthcare products for GE Healthcare, kitchen appliances at Philips Healthtech and digital and physical product solutions at HCL technologies.

Trained in industrial design and carries a strong understanding of form and function.

Easy to talk to and collaborate with.
Who am I and what am I looking for?
I am looking forward to broaden my learning through solving problems for diverse use cases.

Navigating through healthcare has equipped me with the right mindset to visualize a problem, break down complex use cases and design desirable and useful solutions.

I adapt to changing environments quickly and try and learn through validating (or invalidating) my assumptions with stakeholders.
A few case studies
• Blue sky • UX journey • Launch

Digital twin for biopharma

A web based self learning analytical tool for upstream bio-manufacturing
• Design audit • Redesign • Style guide • Icon design

Control UI for biomolecular imager

A windows based embedded software design for lifesciences lab users
• AIML • Interaction design • clinical immersion

Scan coach for ultrasound

An AI based scan guidance system for novice users
• System design • Concept design

Remote service app

Smartphone application for field engineers
• Workflow design • Visual design

App store for robots

An online market place for control apps for robots